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Priory has made me a better person because it made me learn about myself, 我现在知道我是谁了.


网投十大可靠娱乐平台由7名匈牙利修道士于1957年建立, 我们从一开始就举办寄宿课程. Students from all over the country and all over the world have called our campus home. Spending your high school years at Silicon Valley’s only boarding school offers many opportunities to live and study on a tranquil campus in one of the most innovative areas on the planet.

隐修院的寄宿项目与大多数学校不同. Our 登机的程序 is integrated into the daily life of our day program and maintains distinctive social and emotional programming that only a program of our size can accommodate. We invite you to read more about the philosophy and curriculum of Priory’s 登机的程序

你是从美国以外的地方申请的吗? 如果有,别忘了参观我们的 国际学生的页面获取更多信息!

网投十大可靠娱乐平台 has entered into an exclusive partnership with Amerigo Education (Amerigo Select) with the purpose of recruiting 国际学生. 我代表学校, Amerigo Education assists with 国际学生' application and prescreening. 



  • 步骤1:创建Ravenna帐户

    自1957年成立以来, the 登机的程序 has been an indelible part of the 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 community. 如今,大约有50名学生选择参加活动, 修道院寄宿社区的贡献成员, 由专门的住宿教师指导.

    All applicants must create a Ravenna account in order to navigate through the application season. This requirement includes applicants who apply to our 登机的程序 through the SAO. 要开始,请访问 拉文纳中心 并将网投十大可靠娱乐平台添加到您的仪表板.
  • 第二步:提交申请

    Applicants can apply to Priory's 登机的程序 in two ways by either completing and submitting the boarding application through Ravenna or submitting the SAO. 

    适用于通过SAO申请的申请人, please remember that all applicants are required to set up a Ravenna account and add 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 to their Ravenna Dashboards. 录取决定只由拉文纳公布.

  • 3 .面试

    考虑到我们寄宿学校的规模, boarding applicants will be given an opportunity to meet with a member of the residential faculty and/or admissions team and speak about why Priory's 登机的程序 may be a good fit.

    Applicants must complete and successfully submit all pieces of their admissions application before an interview can be scheduled. Interviews are typically offered from the beginning of January through mid-February.

    *Applicants from Mainland China should plan to submit a Vericant Interview in lieu of a faculty meeting.
  • 第四步:准备录取决定

    登机 admissions decisions for Woodside Priory will be published in Ravenna on 3月10日 2022. Initial offers of admission must be accepted (or declined) by families by 3月 24, 2022.  在此期间, admitted students should contact the 招生 Office should they have any questions about the Priory.

    Students offered a place in the Wait Pool may be considered for admission throughout the spring and summer months. Information for applicants in the wait pool will be provided on 3月 10.



  • 网投十大可靠娱乐平台位于哪里?

    Woodside Priory sits in the very heart of the world's technology industry. Our campus is less than 30 minutes from the headquarters of companies like Apple, 脸谱网, 谷歌, 和甲骨文. 我们的许多走读生家庭都在科技行业工作.

    Stanford University is a short 10-minute drive away from the Priory and 40 miles (64 kilometers) away from the beautiful city of 旧金山. Our 登机的程序 includes activities for students every weekend away from campus which allows our students to visit world-class museums, 参加表演和体育活动, 尝试新餐厅, 体验旧金山湾区的各个地区.
  • 哪个机场离修道院最近?

    Our 50-acre (20-hectare) campus is located an equidistant short 30 minutes away from both 旧金山 International Airport and Mineta San José International Airport, 通过直飞航班将湾区与世界各地连接起来.
    • 隐修院的住宿学院有什么不同?

      在网投十大可靠娱乐平台, our residential faculty are unique as their primary responsibility is to our boarding students. 对于大多数教师来说, this understanding means they begin their workday at 3:00 pm and end by midnight after ensuring all students are in their rooms. 专注于健康和健康, 我们要求所有九年级和十年级的寄宿生晚上11点前上床睡觉. 强烈鼓励高年级学生遵循类似的时间表.

      Some residential faculty may also serve as coaches and teach a class or two during the school day. 然而, these additional responsibilities are allowed only after years of service to our 登机的程序 and are only granted when the other duties do not interfere with their residential responsibilities.
    • 周末有什么活动可以做?

      周围有许多自然保护区, our campus is nestled among mountains where there are plentiful horse farms, 小径, 附近的海滩. 不足为奇的是, there are many opportunities to participate in outdoor activities all around including hiking, 攀爬, 冲浪, 和骑.

      我们的寄宿项目定期为学生组织郊游活动, taking full advantage of the opportunities in the 旧金山 Bay Area and Northern California region.
    • 申请人是否需要当地监护人?

      是的. Local guardians serve as an essential link between the residential faculty and the student's family. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek out family contacts in the 旧金山 Bay Area early. 

      国际学生有时会有一个亲戚网络, 以及美国各地的亲密朋友, 这些人可以提供帮助. 然而, all guardians for Priory international boarding students must reside in the State of California, specifically within the nine counties of the 旧金山 Bay Area (Alameda, 柯斯, 马林, 纳帕, 圣克拉拉, 圣克鲁斯, 旧金山, 索拉诺, 或索诺玛县).

      Students will be asked to disclose the name and contact information of their local guardian once they enroll at Woodside Priory.
    • 你的课程有年龄要求吗?








    • September 1, 2022 – Applications available for Fall 2022 on Ravenna or SAO
    • 2023年1月12日-通过SAO或Ravenna申请到期
    • January 20, 2023 - TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test results must be received
    • 3月10日 2023 - 招生 Decisions are released online through your Ravenna account only
    • 2023年3月24日-录取回复截止日期


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